Ad Creative Newsletter #60


immi teases their tasty noods for a hot second before layers of testimonials put them tantalizingly out of reach. Reading 1-2 word testimonial summaries, we get the gist in milliseconds and are ready to start slurping, as the CTA instructs.

Full version here

First Republic Bank

Serving a niche customer means understanding their needs and speaking their language. First Republic Bank does just that with dynamic animation that simplifies a potentially complicated process and speaks to specific life events, like going public. You can bank on this ad remaining in First Republic's creative vault for a long time.

Full version here

Rowdy Mermaid

What happens when "brand transparency" is taken literally? Rowdy Mermaid cleverly and colorfully shows the purity of its ingredients by using just an outline of the product to showcase what's inside. An upbeat soundtrack punctuates each cut and provides a sonic backdrop for this simple and upbeat ad.

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You know what they say: If your product is a tiny bit painful to use, you probably shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Flamingo embraces the “oddly satisfying” sting of their wax strips with some scroll-stopping sound and motion—not to mention the actor’s hilarious facial expressions. Meanwhile, the straight-to-the-point USPs focus on meeting consumers right where they are.

Full version here


Were we craving chicken and waffles before watching this ad? Yes. Are we now craving them exclusively from Streetbird? Yes, again. Goldbelly takes a storytelling approach here to deliciously demonstrate the ease of preparing a meal with one of their kits. The one-word, motion-designed steps keep things fun and direct while ensuring that the busy professional (their likely target audience) doesn’t feel intimidated.

Full version here

Air Company

Ok, why is this audio giving us Hans Zimmer vibes? 😂

In any case, we love it. If your product is super striking on its own, sometimes all you need is a little lighting, motion, and sound to grab peoples’ attention. And while the in-ad headline provides some context on said product, Air Company still keeps things pretty vague—which creates just the right amount of mystery to get us to read the supporting copy.

Full version here


Pop quiz: Do you feed your dog really boring food in a gray bowl? Or, do you feed them the colorful stuff that looks—dare I say—kind of delicious? Ollie uses plenty of visual cues to set up this classic comparison ad before adding a little extra meat via squiggly USPs. And to make it extra inciting to us humans, 50% off. 👌

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