Ad Creative Newsletter #61


Vivino does a vine job using hypnotic movement and a slow pullback shot to illustrate the magnitude of wines on its platform. Closing out with a preview of the app interface and a no-nonsense CTA, Vivino convinces us that it'd be a pour choice to buy anywhere else.

Full version here


One of our dear readers wrote to us to request more static ad features, so you know we had to oblige. This one's for you, Damon! Here, ClickUp gives us an example of solid creative but terrible targeting. No construction experience here... The ad itself has engaging visuals, industry-specific copy, and a concise CTA. Its downfall is the targeting, having reached an audience that almost certainly won't convert, cementing its place as our first ever missed-target ad feature.


Here’s the thing: If you can keep your in-ad headline clear and concise (and you already have some solid brand awareness), you might even have time left over to throw in a fun fact! Plus, we love that the illustration style here is a little more eccentric than what you might typically expect from a bank. Cha-ching!

Full version here


Homer knocks it out of the park with a UGC moment that every parent lives for: watching their child get excited about learning! In less than 20 secs, we see the app in use, experience a child's enthusiasm, and are moved by a shared moment of pride between a mother and her little one. Even the ad copy is validated - spoken verbatim by the boy on screen. Homer serves up a teachable moment and schools us all on how to properly use UGC for good.

Full version here


I saw this ad on YouTube and absolutely loved it. So simple, beautiful, and moving. And that got us thinking: How would we tweak it for Facebook? What's working right now is the combination of sonic storytelling and the pull-back shot. Together, these take us from a familiar scene (a virtual fireplace in a cozy room) to one that's unfamiliar to many of us (homelessness). But on Facebook, things need to happen much faster, or you risk losing your audience's attention. So, if we put that pull-back shot in hyper-speed after the first couple seconds, pare down the copy, and use a super short CTA to drive to a landing page—I'd say we have a winning Facebook ad on our hands!

Full version here


Why buy 7 cartons of milk when 1 (recyclable) jar does the trick? JOI begins its argument for sustainability by rendering the competition as a drawing—a nice visual trick to suggest their superiority. Add in a line of explainer copy, and we’ve got a delicious comparison ad that also leaves us with a solid understanding of how the product works.


Rule #1: Show the product in the first 5 seconds. Rule #2: Know when to break Rule #1. BEHAVE takes a calculated risk on this UGC play by showing us clips of people praising the brand's USPs as they munch tantalizingly on…something (we don’t actually glimpse the gummies until 20 seconds in!). The result is a super organic-feeling ad that creates enough FOMO that you can't not click.

Full version here

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