Ad Creative Newsletter #62

Mary Boyagi
July 27, 2022


The simplest ingredient for a great social ad? Actually showing us what you’re selling! ClassPass instantly gets things moving with plenty of eye-catching motion that conveys exactly what they're offering. I mean, you could literally use this ad for workout inspo. 💪

Full version here


Although the opening line of copy feels a bit out of place, the rest of the ad is strong. Simple-but-effective motion-designed text keeps the ad flowing and calls out SonderMind's strongest UVP: coverage via Medicare.

Full version here

Blick Art Materials

Effective holiday ads make the idea of gifting the product as exciting as receiving it. Blick uses close-up footage so visually satisfying that even non-creatives will feel some gift envy as they consider what to get the artists in their lives.

Full version here


Ah yes, the “scary fact” kickoff. Invoking fear primes us to take action. It's an approach we’ve seen perform well many times. And here, Cigna’s scary fact is tailored perfectly to their target audience: U.S. employers.

Full version here


If coming up with a visual representation for UVPs is an art, then WorldRemit's usage of the universally-recognized claw game is a masterpiece. The copy kicks off with a UVP that reads more like a CTA while explaining the engaging, game-depicting creative. Simple, animated graphics drive the messaging home while dropping us off at the app store along the way.

Full version here


You'll recall that one of our dear readers requested more static ad features. We got you, Damon! Here, Naadam uses a bold headline to communicate their cashmere sweater's biggest UVP: its price tag. The other benefit of specifying the cost outright? It helps ensure the brand gets quality leads: if the price is outside your range, you'll keep scrolling; if not, you'll click!

Warby Parker

Did you 👀 what Warby Parker did there? Here's another YouTube ad that could easily translate to Facebook. By kicking off with the products they're famous for, the retailer establishes trust before quickly launching into their newest offering. The only thing we'd add to transform this into a FB ad? A clear and concise headline in the first few seconds for viewers watching with the sound off.

Full version here