Ad Creative Newsletter #63

HA Snacks

POV: You just got smacked in the face 6 times... And it worked! UGC is a great opportunity to break some production rules in the name of a more engaging ad. Here, HA Snacks uses a combo of sound and unexpected motion to catch our attention and leave us hungry. 😋

Full version here


You get a smoothie! And you get a smoothie! kencko uses a little self-aware humor to reach both its target audience (moms), and literally everyone in between (unless you somehow were never a kid). It’s a delicious example of creative-based targeting that also rewards readers with a chuckle or two. Smooth.


Ah, the good old sticky note approach! This is a strategy that’s surprisingly effective for UGC-style ads. An adorable pink square, a fat magic marker, the pleasure of the peel... It just works! They make the content feel more organic, and you can’t not read them. Admit it - you’ve read a sticky on someone else’s desk as you walked past... You can’t help it. Here, Nurx sprinkles in a little motion to help catch your eye too!

Full version here

Hello Fresh

We know a fresh ad when we see one! This is a great example of how to use motion design and illustration to break down your value propositions into bite-sized morsels. Plus, with a CTA mentioning 16 free meals, how are we NOT gonna click??


Full version here


The mustachioed munchkin would get anyone’s attention, but it’s the existential question that keeps a target audience glued to the screen. If we were to use our alchemy and turn this into FB gold, we’d pare down the explanation using a still shot of the LinkedIn UI, then drop in explainer copy via text bubbles. After cutting down the runtime and need for sound, this ad is ready to run across platforms.

Full version here

Great Jones

We thought about retiring the “chef’s kiss” term, but now we’re going to use it until Apple makes an emoji. Using in-ad copy that’s designed to look almost native, Great Jones cooks up a paid spot that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb against the organic content in your feed. Plus, with a strategic mix of color and shot speed to maximize engagement, it’s no wonder this ad left us “jonesing” for new cookware! (hypothetical chef’s kiss emoji goes here)

Full version here

Bank of the West

Now this is an ad we’d swipe right on. The simple motion draws your eye to the star of the show: 6 direct words and a clear CTA. And it all goes down in a cool 5 seconds, no less! Talk about a masterclass in brevity.

Full version here

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