Ad Creative Newsletter #65

Quinn Snacks

Popping in here with a Quinn-tessential direct technique: the side-by-side comparison. Strengthened by in-ad text that could appear on a social media post - complete with emojis - this ad looks like it already belongs in your feed. Bonus points for the mouth-watering visual ASMR!

Full version here


Fitting a total of 5 CTAs into 8 seconds, this ad proves you don’t have to think outside of the… Square… to be direct. The pacing hits a delicate balance between “too fast to follow” and “just fast enough to keep the audience engaged.” That slight discomfort works to Square’s benefit when you walk away feeling v informed.

Full version here

DataSauce Digital Marketing

As copywriters, we can’t help but admire a text-heavy static ad. DataSauce uses a clickbaity headline and a newspaper-worthy font to make the copy irresistible to the eye. We went from reading about Klaviyo (the tool we use to publish this newsletter), to reading about an Australian agency’s services with the tap of a thumb.

The Farmer's Dog

The cleverness of this ad alone is something to drool over! This is one of the most creative intentional product reveals we’ve seen in a while - letting the dog’s tongue expose the headline, and only bringing VO in with the end card. And if that wasn’t enough to make you bite, the 50% trial offer and $3 daily expense breakdown should seal the deal.

Full version here


Clickbaity intro? ✅ Copy made to look native to Instagram? ✅ Testimonial? ✅

Even the primary text uses the checkmark bullet point format that we’ve found to be effective in our own work. Grammarly expertly utilizes multiple direct techniques to punctuate this masterpiece.

Full version here


Both clickbait and testimonials are shown to draw viewers’ attention. So why not combine them?! “My kids stopped watching TV 😍

” is every parent’s dream. Bolster your claim with video of kids running around with microscopes and the actual microscope footage itself, and you’ve got yourself a purchase-ready parent.

Full version here


Exclusivity is a great way to incentivize your audience to take action - "Want to be part of our elite group? Here’s what to do." Tropicfeel creates exclusivity by obscuring their new product, and rewards buying behavior (signing up) via product reveal. Well played, Tropicfeel.

Full version here

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