Ad Creative Newsletter #66

Mary Boyagi
July 27, 2022


Technically this is an organic social post, but it’d be a welcome retargeting ad in any creative’s feed! Anyone already familiar with Figma will be drawn into a rundown of its new collaborative features with Asana. We already can’t wait to use the voice memo feature!

Full version here


This ad is impossible to ignore. It’s practically gamified and invites us to participate in the fun! Even if the bright color and pictures somehow don’t catch your attention, the copy is so short (7 words, 32 characters) that you can’t help but read it. We’ve seen both short copy as well as simple graphics work in ads over and over again. Kudos, Peddle, for using both in this winner.

Mila Air

Watching this ad was like going through a checklist of the techniques we try to incorporate into ads for our own clients! Starting with a question ✅

, emojis✅, native text✅, testimonials✅, press accolades✅, showing the product in first 3s✅, cute pet cameos… Mila Air checks all of the boxes while

we check out the landing page and add to cart.​

Full version here


You know those TikTok trends that get millions of views? They’re effective in ads too! Solgaard uses the “throwing clothes” trend to stop the scroll without diverting attention away from the product featured front and center. A subtle demonstration and listed value props seal the deal. Any suitcase that keeps 229 plastic bottles out of our oceans piques our interest!

Full version here

Best Egg

This stop motion animation is great at keeping the audience around to listen to the voiceover explanation and USP rundown, but there are way too many silent scrollers out there. Captivating as it is, if we were making this ad, we’d make room for subtitles to ensure we don’t lose our sound-off audience. Plus, it's good practice to call out USPs with onscreen text.

Full version here


Hopper’s Ads Library page is a goldmine for paid social inspiration. Just about anyone with an iPhone is going to recognize the Notes app, while the “Overheard in…” format speaks the dialect of the target audience. Including prices is the icing on this layer cake of an ad.


Not gonna lie - the soundtrack to this ad has us triggered… and that’s exactly why it’s effective. Every stressful sound effect strengthens the in-ad text and reminds us how much we need what OLLY has to offer. Such simple copy and highly relatable audio convinced us to click through and check out pricing.

Full version here