Ad Creative Newsletter #67


Featuring 8 bits of sound and capturing every bit of our curiosity, Neatsy easily gets us interested in its AR find-your-fit app. Showing us numbers and graphics without explainers encourages us to go to the app store and learn about our own feet profiles. Now, we’re primed to shop with Neatsy when we're ready for a new pair.

Full version here


Nothing says you know your audience more than answering their most burning questions and requests. Ritual got ahead of customers’ desires and dropped this absolute beauty of a product reveal. This combination of social media-native text treatments, short copy explainers, and bulleted USPs is worthy of being featured on any agency’s paid social inspo board.

Full version here


Pay attention, copywriters! It’s obvious that these ads tick every box on the clients’ copy checklist. In-ad copy is short, sweet, and effective. We’d be remiss if we didn't also note the use of pleasing colors, negative space, and simple patterns. These stunners are reminders that you don’t need to break the bank or max out character limits to produce scrollstopping ads.


Oddvertising is alive and well, proven by what we referred to as “the letter dogs” in Slack. They keep your attention while the bright pink background, along with plenty of negative space, does the heavy lifting to catch your eye. Once you’re drawn in, the VO and primary text can fill in the gaps, giving you no choice but to click.

Full version here


When there’s false information floating around about your product category, you better be working overtime to educate your audience. ZitSticka wastes no time dropping the “false” stamp to call out and combat an afflicting falsehood while positioning itself as the solution - complete with active ingredient explainers. ZitSticka blocks the haters so you can block breakouts (and the sun).

Full version here


The side-by-side comparison is truly a bastion of direct response marketing. It’s the perfect format to showcase every USP that elevates your product over that of competitors, as July cooly does in this semi-static. Limiting to 3 explainers/side prevents overcrowding, while letting the superior design speak for itself. From there, heading to the landing page is a breeze



Full version here


M.C. Escher's art meets Henry Ford’s assembly line in this hypnotic ad for TRUFF’s hot sauce. Motion design is obviously the star here - holding our attention long enough to read 2 CTAs before dropping us off at the Shop Now button.

Full version here

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