Ad Creative Newsletter #68

Mary Boyagi
August 24, 2022


3-ingredient bar = 3-ingredient ad:

  1. Bright colors
  2. Motion to direct the eye
  3. 3 simple frames

Simplicity is the key to this ad’s success. It baits us by saying everything in just 6 seconds, and that’s enough to make us want to bite.

Full version here


Reality TV tears for the hook! 🪝 Dramatic but relatable, Thesis speaks to a human truth and then backs it up. We’ve found that starting with a negative and following up with a positive is a solid formula. If you’ve got that raw emotion, flaunt it.

Full version here

BYLT Basics

Let’s look past the grammar *cough your not you’re cough* that BYLT is going for here. Push notifications, on-trend edits, high-quality product shots, a text conversation… this ad combines several engaging elements that boost performance. Only thing that might help conversion?... some butt-sculpting USPs.

Full version here


This ad has some serious potential, but doesn’t quite check every box. The concept is good and the color selection is great, but we’d still make some changes:

  • Don’t sacrifice legibility for a fun design.
  • Keep pacing top of mind. A beat longer at the beginning, more pasta time in the middle, and a beat shorter at the end.
  • Don’t lose sight of hierarchy in the end card where the CTA can make the biggest impact.

Full version here


Here’s a solid YouTube ad for all of the aspiring Santanas out there. Engagement within the first 5 seconds (pre-skip time) is an absolute must. Split screens demonstrate how you will soon participate with a well-designed app, animations guide the eye effortlessly, and testimonials put guitar greatness within reach. We’re sure there are viewers out there dusting off the guitars they got on their 12th birthdays.

Full version here


This ad’s exquisitely executed adapted alliteration calls out USPs while exuding an overall playful feel. Staying on-brand and strengthening the visual, this line is a treat for anyone who sticks around to read. So here’s to all of you copywriters and copy enthusiasts - you matter to us! <3 🍻


This 15s spot hosts the winning combination of simple illustration and fun copy. Motion is the cherry on top - giving the ad some flow and keeping everyone around for the full running time.

Full version here