Ad Creative Newsletter #71 (Holiday Self-Gifting Idea: Advertising Insights)

Our creative team mined their feeds and unearthed these 7 gems. Here’s what the copywriters have to say:


Why has the 1-person-playing-2-people execution remained popular since the ancient days of Vine? For one, it’s easy to produce. Any creator can film in this style from anywhere. Also, the formula is simple: me, problem, product, solution. What’s difficult is doing it well, as does this award-worthy ad. The creator hits 2 different demographics (20-somethings and 30-somethings) while addressing the stigma of therapy. Although it’s presented through an Asian lens, it works across all cultures because, unfortunately, the stigma is universal. This ad is the Ayesha Siddiqi quote, “be the person you needed when you were younger” with product placement, and we don’t mean that in a bad way. So much humanity is packed into this fast-paced, funny, poignant, and relatable masterpiece. It is the pinnacle of what is possible for UGC work, and the clear frontrunner of this week’s edition of your favorite ad newsletter.

Full version here


Skillfully shot in POV, this ad is as personal as it gets. The problem is relatable and gets addressed in the first frame, providing a smooth setup for the solution. Casual language is elevated through the use of emojis and native-style copy. Loving partners of people who get periods, you might want to find your way to the online store… but you don’t have to take Maia advice.

Full version here


It takes some huevos for a brand to be this bold with visual innuendo, a theme we celebrated in Newsletter #69 (nice). Colombian brand, MyHuevos, eschews Nomisk’s broad approach and clearly identifies its target audience while providing as much of a product demonstration as a static ad can provide. Gracias a los parceros de MyHuevos por las risas.

Rise Science

Sometimes we come across ads in the wild that appeal to us beyond how we think they’d fit in this newsletter… This night owl is now a qualified lead for Rise Science's growth team thanks to a copywriter's intriguing hook. *Fully making this about me now.* The benefits and CTA align with my personal goals, and I even got a feel for how to use the app. Now it’s up to a retargeting ad to convince me to delete Hinge and free up memory on my phone to download Rise and become the perpetually well-rested big boy I know I can be.

[Disclaimer: Again, Mary didn’t write this one. Pretty sure she’s already a morning person.]

Full version here


We seriously dig this visually stunning rebrand of a product typically thought of as “delicate.” Inverting color schemes with negatives is a brilliant way to highlight elasticity. Plus, using sharp objects to showcase product durability, makes for the most badass ad for tights, pantyhose, and hosiery we’ve ever seen. Language centered around limited availability and a closing window of opportunity (”WE’RE SELLING OUT FAST”) drives buying behavior for anyone who needs additional convincing.

Full version here


Still in style in late 2022: aviator sunglasses, Chelsea boots, and whitelisted unboxing videos. A brand’s message is almost always better received and trusted than when it comes from a creator already plugged in with their audience. Bonus: you save on cost of production when your creator can film it on their phone and in their home.

Full version here


When your price point is also a selling point, you’ve gotta call it out! Clever copywriting and design make the “bucks” double entendre shine. Scientific anecdote: our creative testing has taught us that brightly-colored products drive engagement and buying behavior even though customers usually end up buying the safe option (black/white). Good call prominently featuring the most interesting colored sweater in the initial product shot.

Full version here

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