Ad Creative Newsletter #80 — Who the hell made ad #7?

The Perfect Jean

Is that a gallon jug of orange juice in your pants, or are you just happy the new newsletter dropped? This absurd concept works both as a visual hook and an inventive product denim-stration for stretchy pants. Kudos go to the creator for zipping up the rest of the ad with creative physical demos of the #1 USP (stretchiness). Slight ridicule goes to whoever forgot to include a CTA.

Full version here


Augmented reality for the win!!! This visually striking animation is a home run and deserves to be tested as its own intro. This ad never gets off-base, walking us through an app demo and showing how you can full(y) count on it to save you money. We could balk at the augmented reality frame staying on screen for a beat too long, but it’s a small error that can be fixed in the next series of ads.

Full version here


The semi-static format was long overdue for another feature. It’s always a good call to create a loop that hypnotizes your audience. We watched this loop at least 3 times before we even realized it. Simple animation tells the audience’s eyes where to focus when the loop restarts while the copy, although not exceptionally short, answers any immediate product questions.

Pro tip: when you’re short on ideas and time, convert past top-performing static ads to semi-static format.

Full version here


Assignment: show your competition without showing your competition. This might be our first time seeing the censor blur effect used with the ever-performant side-by-side static. This technique is a visual statement that effectively devalues/otherizes the competitive product. The copy is a little bit long (and missing a hyphen), but we imagine this format is strong enough to test multiple copy iterations. We always love to see a classic get a fresh update.


So you decide to go broad and basically sell an instrument to a bunch of people who don’t play music… One of the easiest ways to make a complex product feel inviting is through simple and straightforward copy. Here we see no more than 2 words appearing on screen at a time — a subtle way of saying, “you can figure this out.” This classic example of "show, don't tell" takes an extra measure to display its capabilities by showing 2 players collaborating on the song. Motion strengthens the copy by changing position on-screen and keeping your eyes as engaged as your ears. Then there’s the video itself — comprised of a beautiful and uncut 20s panning shot. It’s the Facebook ad equivalent of the restaurant entrance scene in Goodfellas. So if you’re an aspiring marketing Scorsese, use this ad as inspiration. And if you’re Artiphon, can we please get an Obra with a black sleeve and a travel case?

Full version here

The Farmer's Dog

After seeing this ad, someone on our team (who doesn't even have a dog) looked into meal plans "just in case." We'll never shut up about the power of opening with a statistic. A convincing stat speaks to both the logical and emotional parts of our brains, driving us to take immediate action. Before/after images serve as an extra layer of conviction and, in this case, eye bleach. The only part we're not sold on is Frank. They probably should have gone with a different before pic for him because he was SERVING as a Megachonker.

Full version here

We honestly don't know who made this...

First person to tell us who made this TikTok ad gets a shout-out in Newsletter #81. The only thing we have to talk about here is the oddly satisfying footage. There’s a reason why subreddits r/oddlysatifying and r/powerwashingporn have 9.6 and 1.8 MILLION subscribers respectively: people want to watch this stuff — especially on TikTok. Challenge yourself to use these kinds of clips in your ads no matter what your product is. We’ve seen this style of background footage work for a multitude of clients and products. Back to the great mystery of Newsletter #80… who the hell made this ad, what's up with TikTok not listing the brand, why didn’t they include a logo at the very least, and how did this car get so dirty?

Full version here

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