Top 5 landing pages for eCommerce

Having a strong landing page is key for all eCommerce brands. Here are a few of my favourites and all the reasons they're knocking it out of the ballpark!

LP #1: Myota Health

There’s much to love about this landing page, but for now, I’ll give you my top 3:

1. Colors are done right

Your first glance might trick you into thinking that this page relies heavily on just one color. However, the way they use multiple shades of blue for the copy, buttons, and some secondary elements makes the product really stand out. Use this as an example if you want to use one color as a base without sacrificing contrast.

2. Testimonials are shared quickly

Most eCommerce landing pages use Trustpilot to showcase reviews, but this section is typically relegated to the end of the page. Myota breaks the mold by placing it just below the fold so you can quickly decide if this is the right product for you.

3. Top bar has a lot going for it

Instead of listing just one special offer or promotion in the top bar, Myota uses it to exhibit 3 different elements. Each element is strategically listed from left to right, reassuring customers as they make their decisions to buy.

LP #2: Scandiboom

I always talk about conversion-oriented design, but in some cases, I need to just shut up and share an eCommerce landing page that simply looks good.

If you're looking for inspiration in finding fonts or typography that works well with your product, take a look at what Scandiboom has done. This is a brilliant testimony to how a website can actually enhance the look of your product through custom typography.

My favorite design choice is the running, scrolling text that calls out each section.

LP #3: Clams

The internet is full of boring landing pages. is not one of them.

You’re immediately greeted with multiple animations — some flying right past the main product, which is the mayonnaise jar.

As you scroll, you'll see graphics that might even bring you back to the design style of the early 2000s, making the experience so much more enjoyable and filled with nostalgia.

My favorite interaction? When you hover over products in the merch area, each displays a different background pattern, making even the most boring section look unique.

LP #4: Juvee

Love the animation of the three products in the header. We’re used to seeing simple movement of products that are clearly PNGs with transparent backgrounds, but the way Juvee does it is next level. They put in the extra effort to create a video render where you can see light bouncing off of each product, making some pretty realistic shadows.

Something I would have liked to see is the ability to choose a product and “add to cart” straight from the header. It’s similar to what they did in the second section, where you can browse each flavor and give them your money.

LP #5: Dr. Pepper

This landing page is a treat for anybody who dreams of building pages with interactions. Just the fact that you can make the product fly over content as you scroll puts a smile on my face.

They even found a way to make buttons look more unique via small interactions. Buttons following your cursor makes the entire experience oh-so satisfying.

If you find yourself at the end of the page without having taken action, you see the history behind the brand and learn more about the product ie. when it was created, and how it evolved over time.

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